Listening to your inner voice


My girl Lucy being very curious!

Sometimes I think we act confused about what makes us happy, when deep down we know, we just choose to ignore it.

My inner voice has been unhappy for years, and I’ve drowned it out.  I refused to listen when it told me I was stressed and depressed.  The truth was, I didn’t want to change.

Now, I am ready to listen.  I am ready to honour that voice.  The one that said wasting time on the Internet wasn’t making me happy, or watching dumb TV shows.  I’ve been spending so much time with my inner voice. For the most part, I’ve turned off my iPad, phone and TV, except when I’m communicating with people or have a specific task to do.  I’ve given the inner voice room to  rise to  the surface and all my attention.

Boy, is she happy!  She’s really excited to finally have a chance to direct my life.  And she’s excitedly providing me with ideas for the future.  She’s the seven-year-old who used to love to draw and write stories.  She’s the sixteen-year-old who used to daydream and write late into the night.  She’s the twenty-four year old fresh out of university and ready to take on the world with her confidence.  She is all of them, and more.  They are me and I am she.

What I have been working on in my sketchbook (besides drawing birds) is making a list of things I love, and trying to incorporate these things into my everyday life.  To make the list, I just let my inner voice guide me.  These are things that really make me happy, in a deep, contended way.  Every day I add new things to the list and let it be a continual work in progress.  Here is my list so far:


  • Walking through fall leaves
  • Animals in the wild
  • Messages from friends
  • Mail from people I know
  • Swimming
  • Sharing laughter with others
  • My bunnies
  • Writing
  • Evening baths
  • The smell of baking
  • Thunderstorms
  • The feeling after working out
  • Finding the perfect piece of clothing in a store
  • The new books at work [I’m a librarian]
  • A hot cup of tea
  • A deep conversation at a coffee shop
  • Zoos
  • Massages
  • The smell of fast food restaurants
  • The first snow of the year
  • Christmas
  • The night sky
  • Socks
  • The colour purple
  • Art galleries
  • Dancing
  • Cardinals
  • Upbeat music
  • Romance
  • Staying in hotels
  • All-you-can-eat sushi
  • Morning coffee
  • Movie popcorn
  • Multilayered cakes
  • Picking up seashells on the beach
  • Victorian jewellery
  • Art deco buildings
  • Making to-do lists
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Being under piles of blankets
  • Wildflowers
  • Writing things out by hand
  • Candles during power outages
  • Museums

What kinds of things does your inner voice love?


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