Squeezing your creative juices


I took a mini holiday this past weekend to relax and refresh my spirits.  While I was there I tried to take everything in with an artist’s eyes.  Instead of asking myself how I was feeling all the time, as is my habit, I tried writing my narrative in the city as if I was telling a story.  It helped me appreciate things like the snow falling against the streetlights at night, and the hustle and bustle of people.  I looked at buildings with a thoughtful eye, noticing details and wondering about the stories behind them.  I bought some art books, and went to a gallery to seek inspiration.

Recently, I mentioned a book called The Power of When that has helped me shape my day.  I am using it to help me get the most out of my creativity.

I still worry about anxiety, of course.  Anxiety about anxiety – it’s a real thing, my therapist tells me.  I worry that it’s lurking there, out in the shadows, ready to strike when my guard is down.  I thought about it lurking around the corners of a building while I was out walking this weekend.  I thought about it jumping out at me when I couldn’t sleep and got out of bed last night.  I am often concerned about it pouncing in the late afternoon when I am tired and cranky.  But so far it hasn’t.

The Power of When has really helped me break my day into chunks, and see them as just hours, nothing more scary than that.  Days are made up of hours, and I can handle hours.  The book explains that sleep happens in 90 minute cycles, like washing machine cycles.  If you miss a cycle, it’s no biggie.  It also explains that we all have a natural high energy time between about 10 am-2 pm.  If you can get all your high-energy things done then, you’re golden.  Knowing that has made a huge difference.  This is when you want to squeeze your creative juice, so to speak.  It’s like how airplanes take advantage of the wind to push them along.  The book suggests drinking coffee at 10 am instead of first thing, and I’ve been doing that to great advantage.

And at 2 pm, like clockwork, I notice my energy plummet.  The book is so right!  Now I can plan for it.  I like exercising in late afternoon, as the book suggests.  I’m not going to be productive then anyway.  At that point in the day, my body is warmed up and I can push myself further.  I’ve noticed this before, that I don’t tire as easily at this time of day on the treadmill.  I’ve never liked working out in the morning, as I feel like I’m working against my body then.

I am looking forward to the new year.  I am sweeping out the cobwebs of my old life, organizing and discarding, and tapping into my creative energies.  I think this will be a good year.


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