Rabbits, January 2017

Last weekend, we lost our beloved bunny, Lucy.  She has been the light of mine and my husband’s life for the last four years.  We had no warning.  One day she was fine, the next she got sick and we had to drive her to the emergency vet.  We went in thinking she could be cured, and ended up having to make the heartbreaking decision to put her down.  Driving back from the clinic last Friday night, I felt like the weight of my grief would never end.

But of course, it does.  It feels like a betrayal, but the body and mind do heal.  You just can’t cope with that level of grief all the time, or else you would die of a broken heart.  Every day gets a little bit better, and we are able to focus on the warm, happy memories rather than her last devastating night.

And of course, putting one foot in front of the other, always.  Such times of sadness and loss are the price you pay for loving a pet as much as you do.  But four wonderful, happy years are worth the price of one terrible weekend.  We would not have traded Lucy for any other rabbit in the world.  She was the dearest, sweetest, loveliest bunny to ever hop this earth.


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