On place, time and feeling

Having moved, I feel in tune with the way places affect me, the way I feel in tune with how certain times of day influence my mood.  Maybe my sensitivity is what causes my brain to connect the two (synesthesia).  I love making these connections.  For instance, when I was younger I thought certain years had colours.  1991 felt pink, 1993 was green, and 1995 seemed yellow.

Walking through my mom’s suburbs the other day, I felt the same heavy, draggy feeling that I get whenever I walk through suburbs.  It struck me that it was similar to the feeling I get during slow afternoons.  And it occurred to me that my feelings about place mimic the feelings I have about time of day.


Saint John River, August 2007

Mornings are like nature.  Fresh, new, and ripe with possibility.  There’s a quiet energy about them, and a sense of restorative hope.  It’s no coincidence that humanity’s “morning,” their beginning, also took place in nature.  Nature and mornings both give me creative inspiration.


My old house in England, May 2006

Afternoons are the suburbs.  It’s no secret that I dislike both.  At best, they are a place/time to retreat and relax from the world.  Mostly they feel stuffy and confining.  There is little energy about them, just weary resignation.  It feels like nothing can change, and everything must conform.  It is like having a crappy filling between two delicious slices of bread.


New York from the Empire State Building, April 2008

Evenings are the city!  I absolutely love evenings and the city is my favourite place to be.  After supper everything comes alive again, shaking off the doldrums of the afternoon.  Work is over, now it’s time to play!  It’s all about socializing with friends, having dessert, going to the theatre or movies, or enjoying a concert.  In ancient times, this is when we would cluster together around the fire, telling stories.  Laughter, friends, and fun, what could be better?

Disagree?  Have you own time/place associations?  Let me know!


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